In Pictures: SK Telecom T1 Reveal Their Next Personalised Worlds Skin Choices

In the wake of SK Telecom T1’s victory over Samsung Galaxy in a thrilling 3-2 final to win the League of Legends World Championship – the SKT roster were immediately quizzed on their preferences for their next line of custom-made skins.

The SKT Dynasty already boast a range of eleven in-game skins, having previously won the World Championship on two separate occasions. The original set of SKT T1 skins featured Vayne, Lee Sin, Zyra, Jax and Zed, marking SK Telecom T1’s victory in the Season 3 League of Legends World Championship back in 2013.

Source: Riot Games
Source: Riot Games

Following their second World Championship victory, Riot’s skin design team received a considerable amount of flak for the lacklustre original design of the 2nd edition SK Telecom T1 skins back in April. The champion models were clunky and unimaginative, the colours sported by the line-up were outdated – generally, the whole operation reeked of laziness.

To amend for the original efforts, as a personalised touch, Riot asked each member of the SKT squad to provide video demonstrations of their recall animations of choice – Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan’s recall animation is a real treat.

Following an unprecedented third World Championship victory, the SK Telecom T1 roster have outlined their choices for the next line of skins. Here are their picks in action:

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