Jeff Fisher’s extension NFL’s latest disgusting exhibit of nepotism

After the Los Angeles Rams’ loss in Week 13 to the New England Patriots, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher clinched his seventh straight season without a winning record. In the last 12 years, Fisher has only had two seasons in which the team he coached won more games than they lost (both with the Tennessee Titans).

So since he has yet to lead Los Angeles to the playoffs in his five years with the team, the Rams should do the smart thing and cut ties with their head coach right? Well that may be the case if Los Angeles was not run by a group of slimy individuals who are only helping their friends become millionaires while their franchise takes a giant poop on the field each year.

No, Fisher will not be looking for a new job after this season. Instead, he will remain with the Rams as the team decided to reward the unsuccessful coach with a two-year contract extension.

So how is this even possible? How could a franchise that is trying to turn the corner and actually become a competitive franchise once again extend a coach’s contract who has failed to lead them to a winning regular season record since he was hired in 2012?

Long story short, all one really has to do is take a look at who is running things in the team’s front office.

The current Los Angeles COO is a guy by the name of Kevin Demoff. His father, Marvin Demoff, just so happens to be Fisher’s agent.

Wait a minute, so a son just awarded his father’s client, and essentially his father as well, with millions of dollars? Seems fishier than the mystery soup found at your local Chinese buffet.

Jeff Fisher and his stupid backwards hat are laughing all the way to the bank. (Photo Source: Twitter)
Jeff Fisher and his stupid backwards hat are laughing all the way to the bank. (Photo Source: Twitter)

This instance with Fisher should make some of the Rams’ players absolutely sick to their stomach. It more than proves that this franchise cares more about making a profit than putting a winning product out on the field.

But it really should not come as a surprise either. Since Los Angeles owner Stan Kroenke purchased the team in 2010, the franchise has only won 37 percent of their games.

So for people who had any hopes of not having to see Fisher and his horrible facial hair on the NFL sidelines in 2017, they will have likely wait another year for that to come to fruition thanks to the wonderful Demoff family. Hang in there, Rams fans.

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