Drugs, fights, and a 105 mph fastball

Newly acquired White Sox Pitcher Michael Kopech is a rare commodity. He has been clocked at 105 mph but he’s not currently a reliever. He’s a starter and throws a well maintained pitch just under 100 mph. But he’s also already been banned 50 games for using “stimulants” and broke his hand punching a teammate. 

Kopech has tremendous upside as long as he can maintain his composure and stay away from failing drug tests. Did I mention his girlfriend is reality TV star Brielle Biermann? She’s an absolute smoke show. If you’re not familiar, take a look. You won’t regret it:

The 20-year-old righty was a first round pick in 2014 and has been in the Red Sox minor league system since. He’s made plenty of waves for his play on the field but some of his off field stuff has grabbed a few headlines too. Both the broken hand and the suspension happened in 2014. The White Sox organization is hoping the worst is behind him and that going forward he will be a consummate professional.

He’s going to have to grow up, obviously, with the things that have happened so far. He’s got a long road to go to get to the big leagues. He obviously has a ton of potential.

Mike Hazen, Red Sox GM

The fastest pitch in the MLB now belongs to Aroldis Chapman with speed of 106 mph. Chapman is a 28-year-old reliever who just signed an 86 million dollar deal to send him back to the New York Yankees. The move has mixed reviews from baseball insiders:


Kopech could be used as exclusively as a reliever in the majors and with a little help, could add some speed to his pitch. He is 8 years younger than Chapman and has the potential to be just as good if not better. If Kopech remains a starter, he has a chance to nab a deal well in excess of Chapman’s $86 million.

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