WATCH: Ayrton Senna Breaks The Sound Barrier

As Brazilian fighter aviation turns 71 today, CLICKON Motorsport celebrates the greatest driver of all time and how he switched his Formula One car with a fighter jet to break the sound barrier.

The racing driver was invited by the Brazilian Force Area (FAB) in 1989 to a display flight in Anapolis (GO), under the guidance of Lieutenant Colonel-aviator Alberto Cortes de Paiva. Ayrton had made a flight in fighter jet in 1987 in Rio de Janeiro, but this time would receive full media coverage, including television.

The flight took place on 29 April of that year, six months after winning the first world title of Ayrton Senna. The aircraft was a Mirage III, F-103D model, which was quite complex for the time. It featured items like an ejection seat, plus a strong oxygen and communication system for the pilot and co-pilot (Senna).

Long live the greatest champion in the history of Formula One. A true renegade.

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