NFL player’s home ransacked, vandalized by racists

Nikita Whitlock is a 25-year-old fullback who currently is in his second NFL season with the New York Giants. Unfortunately, he has not been able to get on the field this year as he was placed on injured reserve back in September with a foot injury.

So instead of being out on the field every weekend with his teammates, he has had to spend more time watching the Giants’ games from the comfort of his own home. His home that just became a little less safer after a recent act of disgusting vandalism and burglary.

While Whitlock and his family were out of their apartment recently, a couple of narrow-minded civilians thought it would be a smart idea to break into the football player’s New Jersey home. Not only did these lunatics steal jewelry and video game systems from the apartment, but they also left some disturbing messages and symbols on the walls inside the home.

Thankfully, no one was present at the apartment during the break-in, but Whitlock and his young children had to come back to a home with walls covered in hatred. The emotional toll this kind of act takes on someone far outweighs the monetary possessions that were stolen from the New York player’s apartment.

The fact that there are still people who look at others through a black and white lens is just as disturbing as the people who rationalize the idea of breaking into someone else’s home.

Unfortunately, this may not be the first time that Whitlock has been the victim of a racist act. But this one may be the most hurtful of them all.

It is one thing for people to write ignorant messages on the Internet or shout things at football game. But breaking into someone’s place of living and vandalizing his or her walls with racist remarks is just another level of crazy.

Luckily, the Giants fullback and his family had already been making plans of moving out of their current apartment. But this latest incident just made it that much easier to spend a significant amount of time looking for a new place to feel safe.

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