G2 eSports’ Two Man Team Are Crying Out For A Supporting Cast

Josh Jose

G2 eSports – fondly referred to as “2Gamers” because of the team’s imbalanced structure. Built around superstars Richard “shox” Papillon and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, G2 have enjoyed brief instances of success with their unique roster setup.

G2 revolve around creating opportunities for shox and ScreaM. The supporting cast of Cédric “RpK” Guipouy, AWPer and tactician Edouard “SmithZz” Dubourdeaux, and rifler Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro take a backseat and allow the pair to carry. Taking a look at the ESL Pro League Season 3 LAN Finals, ECS Season 1 Finals, and StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 2, the impressive stats from shox and ScreaM are a stand out feature.

Source: HLTV
Source: HLTV

G2 live and die by shox and ScreaM’s performances. If the dynamic duo aren’t on their A-game, G2’s chances of winning a game dip significantly. Additional factors include SmithZz’s inability to make an impact with the AWP and bodyy and RpK’s reputation as one-games-wonder. It’s been that way ever since their magical run at the ESL Season 3 LAN Finals.

“Richard ‘shox’ Papillon is already enshrined as one of the greatest players in CS:GO history, but the last three weeks have seen him return to his blistering best and seemingly reassert himself as a candidate for the best player in the world right now.

“As mysterious as his ability to play CS:GO at such a high level is, the nature of his seemingly unprompted return to peak form each and every year, where others have their periods of excellence and then never attain such a state of mastery again.”

Duncan “Thooorin” Shields

Their mechanics may be polished, but shox and ScreaM aren’t robots, any player will suffer dips in form from time to time. We’ve seen a similar case for Nikola “NiKo” Kovač amidst his slump times with mousesports – G2 eSports risk pushing their star players to breaking point, where a change will be needed to break the perpetual cycle of constant failure.


Source: HLTV
Source: HLTV

The common misconception is that SmithZz is the source of G2’s problems but in reality, cutting SmithZz wouldn’t fix G2’s mistakes. We saw a similar case with EnVyUs after cutting Fabien “kioshiMa” Fiey – following his departure EnVyUs deteriorated to garbage.

All this time, SmithZz has been leading a team with next-to-no knowledge, he doesn’t appear to be remotely familiar with the concepts of basic IGL’ing. G2’s team play is 90% individual skill, and the other 10% goes to their atrocious defaults and smoke sets.

G2 require a coach/analyst to build some basic team structure into the team. If they can get a coach with the same impact as Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu of Team Liquid fame, I believe G2’s slump will be over in no time. A man of peacemaker’s caliber – bringing a strategical approach – would breath fresh air into the exasperated G2 squad. A coach would free up SmithZz to focus solely on AWPing duties alone. ScreaM and shox could finally have the supporting cast they can rely on, on a game-to-game basis and unleash their potential once again.

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