Travis Kelce mocks hilarious Raiders punter with own donkey dance

On Thursday night, the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders played in their 116th game against each other. Although it has not been too competitive recently (Chiefs have won seven of the last eight matchups), the rivalry between the two teams is still one of the best in the history of the NFL.

Since the first meeting between the two franchises in 1960, the games have featured the likes of such great players including Marcus Allen, Joe Montana, Tim Brown, and Len Dawson among others. Despite being on the losing end of both matchups this season, the Raiders have still provided plenty of entertainment during each 2016 game against their longtime divisional rival.

Thursday was no different as a sequence between Oakland punter Marquette King and Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce had everyone talking the next day.

Midway through the second quarter of the game, King sent a punt to Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill who then proceeded to blaze past everyone and run 78 yards for a touchdown. Kelce was super pumped by the big play of his teammate and he made sure to let King know it.

After the score, King was heading back toward the Raiders bench when Kelce began to do a bit of a dance in front of him.

But this was no ordinary dance. It was in fact a dance that King was very familiar with since it has become something the punter has become known for after he makes a big kick.

King was a good sport and just laughed at Kelce as he pretended to ride his own imaginary donkey. But do not think for a second that the two players did not exchange any words during the sequence.

Thankfully, the Oakland punter is fond of posting his thoughts to Twitter and he informed the public about what exactly was said on Thursday night between him and Kelce.

If anyone is unsure as to what King is talking about, he is referring to the E! Entertainment network reality show “Catching Kelce” which aired this past fall. In the show, the Kansas City tight end was in search of finding his dream woman and had to select her from a group of 50 contestants on the program.

The Chiefs may have got the win on Thursday, but King easily got the last laugh. For everyone’s sake though, hopefully this is not the last time we will see these two players interact.

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