WATCH: Dereck Chisora throws table at opponent as press conference descends into chaos

Boxing is a violent sport where tempers run hot. There’s a reason one of the most iconic boxing films is called Raging Bull. British boxer Dereck Chisora channeled a little too much rage at a press conference that culminated with him throwing a table at his opponent, Dillan Whyte.

Dereck Chisora throws table at opponent as press conference descends into chaos

Their bout was scheduled to be for the British heavyweight title, but since the incident, the British Board of Boxing Control has withdrawn their sanction for the fight, fined Chisora £25,000 (plus another £5,000), and slapped him with a suspended two-year ban from boxing that kicks in if he fucks up again.

This isn’t Chisora’s first time running afoul of the powers that be. He infamously slapped Vitali Klitschko before their 2012 bout:

He had his boxing license revoked for that. Chisora also got into a scrap with former world heavyweight champion David Haye at a post-bout press conference after the Klitschko fight:

You can’t be a boxer without being passionate, and there’s definitely an art to self promotion. Muhammed Ali wouldn’t be the icon he is without his oversized personality. Watch this compilation of his hottest bars and tell me he’s not the trash talking GOAT:

We have Ali to thank for the Floyd Mayweathers and Conor McGregors of the world; he showed the world that being a contrarian sells.

When your livelihood is dependent on how many pay-per-view buys your fight gets, you have a vested interest in stirring the pot and creating controversy before the fight. But, like all things in life, there is nuance to it. Unfortunately, Chisora seems to have missed the forest for the trees (again).

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