WATCH: High schooler drills amazing behind the back 3-pointer

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. At least, that’s what one high schooler found out when he drained an impossible behind the back 3-pointer. You’re gonna wanna watch this one a couple times:

The best part is how he just runs out of the gym like “my work is done here.”

The fans react appropriately, but the cheerleaders seem only mildly impressed, like this is something they see every day.

Seriously, this is a one in a million shot. And that’s not something you can really practice, either. Sometimes you just in the zone. It’s a phenomenon I call “blacking in.”

It’s literally the opposite of blacking out from getting too drunk. When you’re blacked in, everything goes right. You’re in God mode.

Here’s another example of a person who’s blacked in:

Skateboarding into a river..

Initially, you were correct in thinking he was actually blacked out because he’s doing something that looks, objectively, idiotic. Skateboarding into a public pond, shirtless, without any semblance of a plan. But when he emerges from the water with the fish like the scion of Poseidon himself, you realize that your surface level thinking pales in comparison to whatever next level shit is going on inside this guy’s head.

Here’s a third example of someone who’s blacked in, although this guy does lose some points for a lack of spontaneity. He scores a 10 for difficulty, but blacking in is usually (almost exclusively) unplanned and spur of the moment.

Never Tell Him The Odds

Some people go their whole lives without blacking in. Others might black in a few times in 50 years, and the most enlightened among us, those vibrating at the highest frequency, could black in several times per year.

By being both bold and virtuous, you give yourself the best chance to black in. I can’t say when or if it will happen to you, but if it does, you’ll know.

Have you ever blacked in?

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