Legendary dunk champ to return to slam dunk contest

Ryan Shea

Clear your Valentine’s day weekend plans, ladies and gentleman. Legendary slam dunk champion Vince Carter has discussed the possibility of returning to the dunk contest.

As if having Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon returning wouldn’t be amazing enough. If you never saw Vince Carter in the dunk contest, or need a refresher of how amazing he was in his prime, look no further then here:


While this is just one of his legendary slam dunk contest dunks, keep in mind he once dunked over a player over 7 feet tall in the Olympics, and has really set the bar for everybody’s expectation for the contest.

It fizzled

Since Vince Carter’s legendary performance, there has been little continued excitement to this event. Nate Robinson, Andre Iguodala and Jason Richardson had stretches of pretty great dunk contests, but the energy fizzled quickly when no stars or high energy leapers joined the contest with them. Yet, even with some impressive performances, they individually couldn’t touch Vince’s level.


Last year came close

After winning the contest in his first year, Zach LaVine faced Aaron Gordon and they really put on a show. Back and forth legendary dunks had everyone on the edge of their seats. LaVine ended up winning his second contest, but it’s debatable who had the better showing. Nonetheless, I regard it as the best slam dunk contest showdown OF ALL TIME.



The mashup

So could we take the best of an old era and mix it with the best of a new era? I know we were all debating it in our heads, who would you take: Gordon, LaVine or Carter? How could you go wrong with any any of them!

Icing on the cake

Throw in recent Memphis Grizzly signee (Vince’s current teammate) and former D-League slam dunk legend DJ Stephens and we could be in for an undisputed all-time great contest.


Legendary sendoff

Are you kidding me? Kobe’s 60 point performance in his last NBA game was epic, but if this is indeed Vince Carter’s last season, there would be no better sendoff then putting Vince up there with the next generation of high flyers who proudly carry the torch.

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