WATCH: How to Race Hard but Fair in Hockenheim – Alonso/Ricciardo Dogfight

In 2014, Alonso’s Ferrari and Ricciardo’s Red Bull went head-to-head in a memorable dogfight that showcased excellent race-craft from both drivers.

The overtake here secured 5th for Alonso and Ricciardo remained 6th until the end of the race. The clip highlights how DRS has a bigger effect here than it did in Hungary. A clean exit out of turn-3 is one of the most crucial parts of the track, especially when it comes to defending from the car behind.

On  lap 2 of the onboard footage, Ricciardo goes too deep into turn-2, which heavily reduces his exit speed of turn-3 and he has to spend more time turning on the angle. This allows Alonso to get by on the straight – just!

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One to watch in  this sector will be the young Max Verstappen. He’s been ripped apart by some of the other drivers for his double-movement defending. He will be more than tempted to do this after turn-3, so watch out for that.



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