WWE’s McMahon hired wrestler who threatened to kill star’s family

Sometimes you don’t get along with your co-workers. Other times you work in the WWE and your boss hires someone who has threatened to kill your family. 

Professional wrestling is full of shady and dangerous characters throughout the years. But when you take grown adults, pump up their egos, give them more money than they’ve seen before and force them on the road, trouble is bound to follow. Thus is the history of WWE, as many, if not more, interesting stories behind the scenes than the ones thought up for the cameras.


One such character that is no stranger to controversy is Sean Waltman aka X-pac aka Syxx-Pac, aka the 1-2-3 Kid. In fact, he has gone by no fewer than 15 names in the squared circle. This is a result of his personality, failing to impress in the ring at times and being fired and hired around the wrestling scene.

Waltman was a part of the famous “Kliq” which carried heavy influence in the WWE and angered many other wrestlers. The Kliq including Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Waltman. Their power forced some performers out of the company and halted many careers.

Outside the ring, Waltman eventually ended up in rehab after years of crystal meth abuse. In 2008, his girlfriend at the time, Alicia Webb, claimed to find him hanging by his neck in a failed suicide attempt. In total, Waltman has led the life of an 80s rock star that modern day WWE hopes to avoid.

Thus it is no surprise when he revealed that his past has included someone so angry at Waltman that he threatened to kill his family. Now, no matter what Waltman (or his friends) may have done, that crosses a line. So imagine how he felt when his ‘friend’ Vince McMahon hired the guy into WWE.

X-pac appeared on The Tomorrow Show and had several interesting quotes for host Keven Undergaro.

He [Vince McMahon] brought somebody back that threatened to kill his family.


Vince McMahon told me one time, ‘Sean it’s just business don’t take it personal.’ I said, ‘do you take your business personal Vince? Cause my business is my life. I take it very personal’

It goes without saying…it was a rhetorical question that I was asking him.


Unfortunately, Waltman doesn’t disclose who the individual was, or why it was said. There is always the risk that he could make it up for the show, but truthfully there really isn’t that much incentive for him to make it up.

You can check out the full video clip below.

In the wild world that is professional wrestling, especially through the 80s and 90s, just about anything is believable. If Waltman’s story is true and Vince knew about the claim, then that’s poor management. Or perhaps X-pac just planned to use some of that Kliq influence to scare off the new co-worker.


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