Formula One Leaning Towards Red Bull Canopy

Ridiculous new safety rule looks likely to go ahead next year as FIA race director Charlie Whiting leans towards Red Bull design.

Providing early tests come back positive, Red Bull’s head protection canopy could be adopted for the 2017 season. The news comes as another reminder to fans that Formula One has lost the plot and is in danger of diluting the sport even further.

The FIA has decided to push forward with some form of head protection device next year, with the Halo device an early frontrunner after it was trialled by Ferrari during winter testing, much to the dismay of fans and drivers alike. Formula One renegade and triple world champion Lewis Hamilton was a vicious critic of the Halo, taking to Instagram to vent his anger.

formula one_halo

After the controversies of the Halo,  Red Bull recently presented the canopy design as a viable alternative for next season.

“I think it’s fair to say that when it was initially presented it was in its infancy,” Whiting said. “However Red Bull have done a great job of getting it to the point now where it will be tested this week.

Red Bull aim to test the canopy to the RB12 during an installation lap at FP1 in Russia. Daniel Ricciardo recently stated that the canopy “covers a few more bases” from a safety perspective and is a better solution than the Halo.

While none of us like seeing fatalities in the sport, part of the thrill of racing is the danger drivers experience every time they step into the cockpit. For purist motorsport fans out there, the canopy is a reminder just how far F1 is going to alienate its fanbase.

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