Lewis Hamilton’s faulty power unit may just save his *ss next time

Sharon Wong

Lewis Hamilton pensive
Source: Mercedes/AMG-Petronas

There was a very notable Achilles heel plaguing Lewis Hamilton at the Chinese Grand Prix and it was his power unit. The part suffered a most untimely MGU-H failure that prevented Hamilton from qualifying, forcing him to start all the way at the back and finish in seventh place. Despite this mishap, it looks like the power unit is not destined for the scrap heap after all. It will make an appearance at the Russian Grand Prix as a spare.


A Mercedes press release revealed what exactly went wrong and went into detail about alterations.

“The MGU-H has been stripped and the issue is suspected to be associated with the insulation. The turbocharger will be replaced in addition to the oil pumps, after debris was found in the oil system. With the repairs completed, this power unit will remain in the driver pool and travel to Sochi as a spare.”

Hamilton is now on the second of his five power units allowed per season, all after a mere 3 out of his 21 races. It is to be hoped that using the faulty power unit as a spare will help save him some lives.


But if he’s feeling the strain from his limited resources, he’s certainly not showing it.

“There was plenty going through my head after China, as you’d expect. But, after all these years, experience has taught me to stay calm and keep pushing forwards when I get knocked back. I’ve been here before a few times now. A lot can happen over the next eighteen race weekends and I have the utmost confidence in this team.”

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