Sam Busch swears on live television, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart defend her

Sharon Wong

Sam Busch just couldn’t hold back the odd swear word when husband Kyle was nudged unceremoniously out of the way by a competitive Carl Edwards at the Toyota Owners 400. Rather than focusing on Edwards’ misconduct, people have for some reason decided to zero in on her unfortunate public slip. You’d think she’d undressed before the camera from the flack she’s gotten, but she merely said, “S**t.”

For damage control, she tweeted her apologies for the faux pas.

Fortunately for her, two big names in NASCAR had her back the entire time.

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We’re inclined to agree. We’re sure plenty of those armchair critics have said much worse in frustration. In fact, we kind of admire her restraint. If anyone was shoving our husbands out of circuit on the way to the finish line, you bet we’d wilt the ears off even the most hardened seadog.

Now that she’s said her sorries, we’re waiting for a Twitter apology from Carl Edwards for his much more egregious faux pas.


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