WATCH: Skyfall stuntman brakes right before his car plunges into the ocean

Sharon Wong

Just a disclaimer. We would strongly advise against trying this at home, even if you are a stuntman of Martin Ivanov’s calibre. The Russian has worked on such acclaimed action films as the Bourne series and Skyfall, so you probably already know just how good he is. That is, if you don’t happen to own a Camaro SS. Team Chevy specifically designed this model to defy the laws of physics. The car can apparently go from zero to 100 kph and back again in no time at all.

Don’t believe us? Team Chevrolet Arabia decided we had to see something amazing to believe it, so they gave Ivanov 313 meters to speed to 100 kph from nothing and bring it back to nothing again before he sped straight into the ocean. And well, the results are more than a little heart-stopping.

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