Favorable conditions didn’t do Dani Pedrosa any favors at Jerez

Sharon Wong
Source: @HRC_MotoGP

Sometimes, no matter how optimal conditions are, you just can’t get a lumbering albatross off the ground. Repsol Honda Team representative Dani Pedrosa was quite unable to achieve the performance he wanted despite circumstances being entirely in his favor at the first official in-season test of the year at the Moto GP™ World Championship. He’d been out to improve setting and overall feel on the Honda and was assessing three Michelin front tyres. But disappointingly, he found it impossible to improve his time. He finished in fifth place at 1’39.646, well behind teammate Marc Márquez.

Source: @aktualpost/Twitter
Source: @aktualpost/Twitter

“Today, we basically tried to improve on the feeling we had in yesterday’s race. It’s been a strange day, because the weather was fantastic and the asphalt offered a very good level of grip, but the lap times weren’t much different to what we saw over the Grand Prix weekend.”

Definitely a puzzling and discouraging outcome for someone who’s worked hard to iron out the kinks and to whom favorable conditions are the luck of the draw. His team is still working tirelessly to troubleshoot issues with machinery and performance and he thinks they have zeroed in on some outstanding obstacles.

“We tried different suspension options and found some solutions that allowed us to have more grip when riding out of corners. We also worked on corner entry, trying to get the bike quicker both in the fast turns and on entry to the slower corners. At the end we tested three different front-tyre compounds and one of them was clearly better than what we currently have, which was positive.” 

Hopefully, all will be settled by the time he races once more at Le Mans for round five.

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