Rossi: Lorenzo Will Be Hot S**t With Ducati

Rossi believes his arch-rival Jorge Lorenzo will be difficult to beat next year when the Spaniard makes the change to Ducati machinery. 

2016 has seen some of the most insane racing across MotoGP, Formula One and NASCAR. The big talk across world motorsport has been over 2015 championship winning MotorGP rider Jorge Lorenzo, who has been stealing headlines since he announced a move to Ducati in 2017.

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Ever since then, the world has been wondering how the  triple champ will fair? Riders and analysts have weighed in, but the only opinion anyone really cares about is Valentino Rossi, the legend who knows the challenges of switching to Ducati better than anyone.

“Difficult to say for me, but more or less the same. Different moment in terms of time because I’m older but it’s similar in terms of moment in our careers. Looks like that the Ducati in the last two years has improved a lot and is a competitive bike, it’s for sure very different to Yamaha. I know the skills of Lorenzo to ride and I think that he will be competitive with Ducati, Rossi said.”

Rossi had initially doubted teammate Lorenzo’s move, saying the Spanish rider didn’t have big enough balls to make it happen.

“To sign with Ducati you need to be brave, you need big balls,” said Rossi. “So I think Lorenzo stays with Yamaha.”

Rossi now believes that Lorenzo will be competitive in the Ducati, a piece of machinery that was anything but hot shit in 2011 and 2012. Rossi endured two miserable years in an uncompetitive bike, watching Casey Stoner and Lorenzo cruise to their respective titles.

How do you think Lorenzo will fare?

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