Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s crew chief gets fried for not reading his rulebook

Sharon Wong
Stenhouse Jr.
Source: Daniel Shirey

Nick Sandler is currently in a bit of a sticky situation, thanks to an infraction in Richmond. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s crew chief has been given a one-race suspension by NASCAR and a $20,000 fine for violating Section 20,13.1-1.d of the NASCAR rulebook. His violation has to do with the steering wheel coupler, which attaches the wheel to the steering column. We don’t know exactly what happened, but it was apparently a big enough sin for him to miss the GEICO 550 this weekend and remain under NASCAR probation until Dec. 31.

He’s not the only one to get in NASCAR’s bad books of late. Jimmie Johnson’s team received a warning for failing pre-race template inspection twice. Tony Stewart’s team also got a warning for failing a laser inspection twice.

Guys, we get it. Rule books are certainly not our bedside reading material of choice either. But these are the fundamentals of the job and you’d think that supposed pros would have all these things down to a tee. Looks like don’t drink and drive is as applicable on the race course as it is on the highways.


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