Eugene Laverty achieves first ‘real’ result, thanks to incomparable secret weapon

Sharon Wong
Eugene Laverty
Source: @SteveEnglishGP/Twitter

Eugene Laverty managed to get a top ten finish for the second time in 2016 at a MotoGP™ World Championship Race. However, he’s counting this victory as his first ‘real’ finish anyway. He’s said it’s because of the crashes that riddled his progress in Argentina, but we think the intense familial bonding that took place around this one made a huge difference here.

John Laverty
Source: John Laverty

John Laverty, the racer’s brother, was once a racer himself, so he spent the weekend watching trackside and offering advice. As it turns out, his assistance was invaluable. Laverty jumped from 15th place to 9th place from the get-go and would have exceeded that, had he not run into pesky clutch trouble in the final laps. He’s pretty ecstatic anyway and well, he should be.

“My brother John said to me before the start that this race wouldn’t be like the other ones, there wouldn’t be so many crashes, so I would have to pull my middle finger out on the early laps and I did just that! The start made a big difference. Friday was the first time we’ve had a new clutch on this bike and it allowed me to make a fantastic start. This feels like a real result.

“In Argentina we were still finding our feet and had a bit of luck, but this one we have worked so hard for. Even at the end, I was starting to close on [Pol] Espargaró, but the clutch was slipping for the last six or seven laps. Otherwise the bike was fantastic and this is a great result for us.”

It’s all well and good to push yourself to breaking point to improve, but we don’t think anything replaces basic human connection as a motivator to success. What better coach could you have than a brother who knows exactly what he’s talking about, provided you get along with him? As far as we’re concerned, Eugene Laverty is lucky in a way plenty of other riders aren’t. We suppose that makes sense for an Irishman.



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