Michele Pirro is living every racer’s brand of personal hell

Sharon Wong
Michele Pirro
Source: RadioLiveGP/Twitter

All the extensive tyre testing Michele Pirro had done in Jerez came to naught at the end. When push came to shove, the Gran Premio Red Bull de España was an unmitigated fiasco for him. He found it impossible to gain any kind of control over a wildly malfunctioning rear tyre and only managed to leap from 20th place to 16th through sheer willpower.


Unfortunately, he gained no insight into the lamentable outcome whatsoever from the post race test on Monday. He completed 55 laps but was only able to post the 18th fastest times, which were over two seconds off Marc Marquez’s best time. After his triumphant moments in Austin and Argentina, this week could not have turned out worse for the Italian.

“I’m really sad and sorry. In Argentina and also in Texas we showed to be very competitive. We arrived in Jerez, where we worked hard during tests with these tires, and nothing seems to work. It is frustrating because last year I worked hard together with all the Ducati test team. We have made a lot of tests, even during Christmas holidays and in August. Things went very well and all this work was erased with this race. During this weekend I had the feeling of not being able to do anything to improve. We tried so many things but it is as if everything had changed. I think there is a lot to think about.”

Source: @TuttoMotoriWeb

We can almost here the pain in his voice and we feel a corresponding twinge in our own chests. There’s almost nothing worse than to work your arse off only to have circumstances spit your effort back in your face. It just adds insult to injury when your post-mortem reveals that there was absolutely nothing you could have done to change the outcome. We see racers as daredevils just brimming with initiative and we feel like nothing irks such personality types more than to feel helpless to change their fate. We hope that Pirro will soon be delivered from this personal hell for any self-respecting MotoGP driver.

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