Nico Rosberg anticipates a huge fight ahead of him

Sharon Wong
Nico Rosberg
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If there’s one downside to being a clear winner and it’s that everyone’s out to get you. Nico Rosberg’s 36-point lead gives him the best start to a campaign since Michael Schumacher and makes him only the fourth driver in racing history to have six consecutive wins. All very impressive accolades that put him head and shoulders above the competition, including storied rival Lewis Hamilton. Of course, this only makes him all the more conspicuous as a target to bring down.


However, he knows that some of his winning streak has been reliant on his rivals’ misfortune. Lewis Hamilton’s rough start to the year has ensured that he hasn’t met any serious challenge along the way thus far. Every smart athlete knows this stroke of luck isn’t forever and Nico Rosberg didn’t get where he is today by being an idiot.


“I’ve been pleased with the way I’ve been driving in the first three races, but for me it’s not six in a row, the three last year doesn’t count for anything to this year’s championship.”

“I’ve been driving really well but my opposition had a really messy start, that’s the reality of it. I expect my competition to bounce back, especially Lewis. There’s still a massively long way to go.”

Source: Wikipedia

Rosberg, who’d really like to follow in father Keke’s footsteps with a title of his own, is eying the remaining 18 Grands Prix with some trepidation. He thinks that Ferrari has far from exhausted all the tricks up their sleeve as of yet and will be watching his back very carefully in Russia.

“I’m not sounding any notes of caution – I’m just realistic.

“Ferrari, among others, haven’t really shown what they can do yet. They’ve taken each other in the last race at the first corner, for example. From then it was very messy.

“A lot of things are going wrong and we think they’re a lot quicker than they’ve shown. We think they are very close to us.”

A wise man not to rest on his laurels, for sure.

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