Lewis Hamilton breaks Ferrari and Nico Rosberg during practice

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Lewis H
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Lewis Hamilton vowed not to underestimate rival Nico Rosberg in Sochi and it seems like he’s making good on his word, if his practice round is any indication of things to come. He led by a large margin, overtaking Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel by 0.652 seconds. Nico Rosberg came in third, 0.867 seconds shy off Hamilton. It goes to show that an in-form Hamilton is a formidable threat indeed.

Of course, luck wasn’t totally out of the picture here. Ferrari’s been unfortunate with reliability failures and they suffered from their second on the track in Sochi. Suspicions lie on the new upgraded engine model they have introduced to the race, as well as some faulty pacing. Nico Rosberg was also a victim of circumstance, as it appears. While he was much slower than Hamilton on the hard tyre, he was only 0.14s behind on the “soft” tyre.

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As situational as this practice victory might be, Hamilton is rightfully chuffed at his own stellar performance. He’d been looking to take away a sizable chunk of Nico Rosberg’s 36-point advantage and if luck smiles upon him, he seems well on his way to doing so.

“It’s been a constructive day to start the week. I think we’re looking strong here – but we need to keep working hard if we’re to try and stay ahead of the Ferraris.”

Not that that would be too hard of a task. Mercedes has been soaring ahead of its competition all weekend, staying comfortably ahead of their Italian rivals with a half second advantage. Hamilton hopes they’re able to keep that headstart during the race proper. As behind as Ferrari is at the moment, they do seem to be improving based on their lap times.

“They look like they may be another step closer this weekend.”

On the Formula 1 track, circumstance is either your guiding force or your most bitter foe.


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