WATCH: This sickening barrel roll was nearly lights out for Chris Buescher

Sharon Wong
Buescher crash
Source: Getty Images

An unfortunate collision involving two other drivers on Lap 96 of Geico 500 could have ended devastatingly for Chris Buescher. Jamie McMurray just happened to tap Austin Dillon on the backstretch, a mishap that smashed the Richard Childress Racing No. 3 Chevrolet to the wall. However, they set off a chain reaction that involved seven other cars. Chris Buescher had it the worst out of everyone when the collision resulted in this horrifying spin that could well have cost him a limb, if not his life.

It was a stomach churning moment for Buescher’s crew, not knowing if he was dead or alive after that. It was a massive relief when he radioed them and confirmed that he was still in one piece.

Buescher said that the whole thing happened so quickly that he couldn’t even see his life flashing before his eyes.

“I just saw the replay. It was so quick I never had any time to react. We got clipped in the right rear and as soon as it turned it went up on its lid. I thought we were clear of the wreck.”

“I saw it happening in front of us and checked up and the next thing I knew, I was upside down. I am pretty sick and tired of speedway racing at this point. It has been a rough year for that. We felt we were decent in this race. We were holding our own and waiting but here we are. It is unfortunate. I really hate it for the guys.”

Aside from being totally bummed out by his terrible luck, Buescher also remains haunted by the moment when he thought it was lights out for him. He said that the moment the collision occurred, everything turned quiet. We have to say that we’re not unmoved by this his description of growing deaf for a split second, the loss of sensation a precursor for the permanent darkness to follow.

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