WATCH: Kurt Busch is the author of an epic 17-car wreck

Sharon Wong
Kurt Busch Burrrnnnnns
Source: @RayMSmith/Twitter

On Sunday, “The Big One” saw one of its most epic wrecks in history. Kurt Busch was the catalyst of an explosive chain reaction that saw a total of 17 car casualties on the Talladega Superspeedway. Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson were racing neck to neck when Busch crashed into his rival and sent half the race careening into disaster.

The damage was significant. Many cars had to be towed off the racetrack, some of them going up in an alarming conflagration. Of course, this could all only be determined once the smoke cleared, for it obscured half the field for quite a while.

Talladega’s notorious for being a haven for wrecks, due to the high speeds that cars maintain across the grueling laps. But this scene straight out of Dante’s Inferno was definitely one to remember even for NASCAR’s Big One. We just wonder how Karl Busch must be feeling, being the arbiter of this madness. We imagine a manic sense of destructive glee might be warring with any initial embarrassment.


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