WATCH: Matt Kenseth’s car soars at 190 mph. He blames Joey Logano

Sharon Wong
Kenseth Krash
Source: USA Today Sports

If Matt Kenseth and Joey Logano didn’t like each other before, they absolutely despise each other now. At the crash-ridden Geico 500, Matt Kenseth was involved in a collision that had him airborne, going at a shocking 190 mph. Danica Patrick was the actual author of this incident; his out-of-control car swerved and crashed into Kenseth’s flying towards the inside wall and catchfence. But somehow, this was all Joey Logano’s fault.

Things have been sour between Kenseth and Logano since last October at the Kansas Speedway. Logano emerged the victor of their race to the win while Kenseth was disqualified from the Chase for the Sprint Cup. Like the sorest of losers, Kenseth retaliated by intentionally crashing into his rival two weeks later at the Martinsville Speedway, earning himself a suspension from two Cup races. Not that Logano must have gained much solace from his punishment, having been eliminated from title contention due to this mishap.

Source: Mark Dinovo/USA Today Sports

At the infield care center, Kenseth was seen aggressively pointing his finger at Logano and exchanging angry words with him. According to Kenseth, Logano put himself inside the yellow line, falling back and putting himself in a position to be impacted by Patrick’s car.

“I don’t think he ran me off. He did run me off. He ran me so far down I couldn’t really lift. I couldn’t get back up the track. It looked like there was no penalty, and we kept racing.

“[He] got me way behind, so I thought we were done with that (their differences), but maybe we aren’t.”

 Logano in turn was completely unmoved by Kenseth’s irate complaints. Shaking his head at his nemesis, he was quick to dismiss Kenseth’s bone to pick with him when asked about it just minutes after the confrontation.

“He can get in line with the rest of them.”

Curious, who could “the rest of them” be? Could Joey Logano be ruffling a sizable percentage of NASCAR’s feathers? We await his next storied personality clash with bated breath.


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