Lewis Hamilton reveals he isn’t happy anymore

Sharon Wong
Source: @C4F1/Twitter

A month away from his 34th birthday, Lewis Hamilton is seriously revising his life goals. A three-time champion already, he is already third in the all-time list of F1 racers, with only Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher scoring more pole positions. What could a man who’s achieved just about everything possibly aim for at this late juncture? Well, he’s done with just participating in the F1. The time for racing just to race is over. If he’s going to stay in the running, he needs to win or GTFO.


“The goal in racing is to excel in every opportunity I have still.

“I still want to win championships. I still want to win races. I don’t know why I still have the drive to do these things because I’ve had quite a few of them, but it’s because it’s what I love doing.

“So I will continue to do it while I love it – and not just to be in it, to win it. I’m not here just to participate. I never have been and I never will be.”



We all have milestones and it seems like Hamilton has certainly reached his. Instead of mellowing with age, he takes loss ever more personally and isn’t satisfied with an A for effort anymore. Sky F1’s Martin Brundle was quick to notice his unbridled frustration when he missed his chance at victory last weekend in Sochi.


“Either he’s in for an Oscar or he’s doing a very good impression of being crestfallen. That impresses me enormously that Lewis Hamilton is taking so much pain

“He is treating it like it’s his first-ever world championship.”

We wonder how his immensely competitive spirit will fare as he continues in F1 after his Mercedes contract expires in 2018. If he doesn’t win then, will he be prompted to quit or will he be fueled into trying all the harder? His father Anthony thinks there’s plenty of fight left in him yet, citing an estimate of 7-10 years left for his son to make the crawl up those F1 rankings.

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