Mysterious new driver that will win big this season

This new driver seems unstoppable. With sleek style and impeccable form, the rookie is attracting global attention in the racing world. The question on everyone’s minds is who is he or she? Why the shroud of mystery?

The hype keeps on building and speculation ignites. Who is this new driver? This week we finally got a glimpse of the racing athlete and were both shocked and excited to see the person inside the helmet… YOU!

Yes, you are the star of motorsport we are looking for this season to get CLICKON Motorsport on the podium.

With solid mechanics, our team has been searching for you, the star driver to fuel the path to victory.

Cheesy puns aside, we at CLICKON Media are searching for freelance petrol-heads to support our editorial team. You must be a RENEGADE and live and breathe sports.

Your role is to grow and engage our CLICKON Motorsport community throughout the world of racing. You will work with our current editorial team to create exceptional content on the latest news from NASCAR, Formula One, MotoGP, IndyCar and Motocross.

This is your opportunity to be a brilliant, creative and adventurous sports editor in a millennial focused publishing environment. If you’ve dreamed of writing about the sport you love, this is your chance.

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General Responsibilities: ‬‬‬

• Write articles for the CLICKON Motorsport site
• Create attention grabbing headlines
• Represent the CLICKON Motorsport brand as a key ambassador

Skills required: ‬‬‬

• Complete familiarity with the motorsport landscape
• Ability to edit and write quality content
• Ability to select multimedia elements to enhance content
• Ability to follow and capitalize on emerging trends in content marketing and social media

Candidate Qualities

• Creative
• Strategic
• Articulate
• Able to think outside the box
• Able to meet deadlines
• FUN!

To apply: please send an email with subject line “Motorsport Freelance Ambassador _ Your Name” to

The email should include your resume/CV and cover letter files. ‬

Please also answer the following questions: ‬‬‬

1. Why do you think you would be a great CLICKON Motorsport editor & ambassador? ‬‬‬
2. What is your favorite motorsport of all? ‬‬‬
3. What are your 3 favorite websites and why? ‬‬‬
4. How many articles per week would you be able to commit to?

Compensation will be based on content performance. The more your pieces get viewed the bigger the prize at the end of the race.

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