Mercedes stung by accusations that it’s favoring Nico Rosberg over Lewis Hamilton

Sharon Wong
Source: BBC
Source: BBC

Mercedes has finally had enough of “the haters, the naysayers and the conspirators”. In an open letter directly addressed to these undesirables, they batted back accusations that they were deliberately neglecting Lewis Hamilton in favor of Nico Rosberg. Many of these speculations come in the wake of four bad races for Hamilton that have kicked him 43 points behind Rosenberg. Of course, Mercedes does admit some culpability, but it wasn’t on purpose. Honest.


Lewis Hamilton has run into debilitating engine trouble throughout the Russian Grand Prix, finishing the race with virtually no water pressure for the last 16 laps. Mercedes claims it’s a miracle he made it to the end at all, given all the obstacles in his way. But miracle or no, he is likely to incur grid penalties for having to use more than the permitted number of parts.

Source: F1
Source: F1

While they fully admit they “have not met our own expectations on reliability”, Mercedes are begging everyone to lay off speculation that they are trying to manufacture a championship for Rosberg.

“Performance wise we are right on the money, but there is work to be done. Our goal is not simply to be fast but bulletproof, too. Not just to manage the problems but to understand them, fix them and ensure they are not repeated.”

“We are working tirelessly to do just that and will continue to do so every step of the way.

“But there are no guarantees. This is a mechanical sport, balancing on the knife edge of performance and endurance. You have to push the boundaries and failures can happen.”

According to them, they couldn’t be more “baffled and gutted” by Lewis Hamilton’s woes and are currently making a “monumental effort” to fly parts out to Russia so he can start from tenth place instead of the pit lane.

Source: BBC
Source: AP

So the next time you want to get the big boys moving stat, lob a few outrageous claims their way and watch them scramble to refute you.

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