Jenson Button on Verstappen replacing Kvyat: “Really?”

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Source: Dan Istitene/Getty Images
Source: Dan Istitene/Getty Images

The axe has finally fallen upon Daniil Kvyat’s waiting neck. He is to step down and make way for 18-year old rival Max Verstappen after completely fudging the Russian Grand Prix for Red Bull. Everyone’s been patting the youngster on the back as Kvyat slinks dejectedly off stage, but Jensen Button hasn’t been shy about expressing his indignation at Kyvat’s unceremonious sacking.

He’s referring to Kvyat’s appearance on the podium at the Chinese Grand Prix, an occurrence the Russian often uses to demonstrate that his poor showing on home soil was a mere fluke. Nevertheless, Red Bull hasn’t been forgiving of his mistakes, as they wouldn’t be. They typically use Toro Rosso as the testing ground for young drivers, who are then discarded if they don’t make the cut. While Helmut Marko insists that this is not a “demotion” for Kvyat, we think the message you send when you replace someone with a shinier younger model rings loud and clear.

Daniil Kvyat

Kvyat has lasted three seasons so far and at first accumulated more points than Christian Ricciardo. But then the Australian began out-pacing him in almost every race aside from his podium finish. This is also not his first run-in with Sebastian Vettel, who was incensed when Kvyat’s overtaking move sent him crashing into Kimi Raikkonen in China. So perhaps it was high time Verstappen, “an outstanding young talent” according to Christian Horner” took over.


But McLaren’s Button very much believes that this isn’t an entirely fair decision. While he concedes that Verstappen’s a talented young lad, he does insist that he’s got a lot more spare time on his hands than Kvyat does.

As horrible as Daniil Kvyat may feel right now, he must feel somewhat vindicated to have the most experienced driver on the current grid batting in his corner.

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