Drunk Lewis Hamilton grinds on girl in club

Lewis Hamilton may have already thrown in the towel on his 2016 season after he was spotted in a nightclub drinking a bottle of liquor while grinding on a girl’s ass. 

Formula One superstar Lewis Hamilton showed his peers how to party hard in a series of bizarre Snapchat posts as he jetted between NYC, London and Miami like the true renegade he is.

lewis 2

Since losing another race to arch-rival Nico Rosberg in Russia, Hamilton jetted off to Athens before visits to London, New York and Miami where his partying ways went to a whole new level.

In one of the Snapchat videos, Hamilton appears to be smoking a shisha pipe. In another, he is seen grinding on the back of a woman while holding a bottle of liquor.

lewis 1

Rumors circling the F1 paddock indicate that Hamilton believes his team might be sabotaging his car this year to allow Rosberg to taste success. Mercedes have responded to conspiracy theories by writing an open letter to assure fans this is not the case.

“We have the best guys and girls in the world, doing an awesome job, week in and week out – and they do it for the team. Not for one driver or the other – but for each other. There is no A or B team here.”

~ Mercedes F1

Hamilton’s 2016 title campaign has been dented by a series of mechanical failures, most recently at the Russian Grand Prix where he suffered engine problems in both qualifying and then the race. Rosberg meanwhile as coasted to victory in each of the first four races this year without any technical issues.

Hamilton’s wild partying suggests he may have already given up on 2016.

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