Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s brother in vicious legal battle with their stepmother

Sharon Wong

As Dale Earnhardt Jr. crashes on speedways all over the country, his family life seems to be in a similarly catastrophic state. His older brother Kerry Earnhardt is tackling Teresa Earnhardt, Dale Sr.’s third wife and widow, for the rights to his own family name.

Apparently, his stepmother is virulently opposed to his promotion of the “Earnhardt Collection” of residential units built by the company he works for, Schumacher Homes.

Apparently, Kerry was fired by his own father when he started off working at Schumacher Homes, which creates the point of contention for Teresa. We think? In any case, she’s filed an appeal in Federal Court over a ruling that denied her challenge to the “Earnhardt Collection” trademark applied for by Kerry and his wife Rene, who have been planning on adding furniture to the brand they have lovingly designed and promoted. As could be expected, Kerry is livid.

“Rene and I have worked extremely hard to develop the Earnhardt Collection brand and make it uniquely ours. I chose to leave a successful career in racing and could not be happier with what we’ve been able to achieve in the five years we’ve been building our home lifestyle brand inspired by our love of the outdoors.

“I was born an Earnhardt and I felt that I had the right to own that name and be part of me, and he was all for it.”

Kerry Earnhardt

His sister Kelley was just as indignant over Teresa’s sheer audacity.

The tension’s certainly simmering in the Earnhardt™ household. We suppose we shouldn’t even be calling Teresa his stepmother, since he’s adamant about them not having a relationship.

“Just me and my wife trying to build a brand for our family and everything, and then for her to come and oppose it – I don’t think if you had a relationship that any family member would do that.”

Kerry Earnhardt

We’re firmly in Kerry’s corner here. Teresa Earnhardt is definitely verging into evil stepmother territory here, trying to wrest her husband’s children’s rightful lineage from them. We hope that the courts will see her manipulations as the petty power plays they really are and shut them down pronto.

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