Lewis Hamilton thinks you all should stop attacking Mercedes, even if it’s for him

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Source: Shutterstock

Lewis Hamilton is saying thanks but no thanks to all the fans defending him with wild conspiracy theories. He experienced problem after problem with his engine on the Sochi track, leading to fans attacking his company Mercedes with rumors of favoritism. The allegations have gotten so heated that Mercedes has actually written an open letter pleading with fans to put their speculation on hold. While Hamilton is flattered, he’s definitely backing Mercedes up.

Addressed to his 3.7 million followers, this Facebook post reiterates the sentiments of the open letter, beseeching his fans not to accuse his “family” of sabotaging him in favor of Nico Rosberg. Claiming to put “1,000%” trust in Mercedes, Hamilton credits Mercedes with his three time championship and claims that they have the best mechanics in the business. He’s quite a bit nicer than Toto Wolff, Executive Director of Mercedes, who called the theorists “a bunch of lunatics lying on their beds with their laptops on their chests.”


We admire Lewis Hamilton for his good sportsmanship and loyalty to his team here. Plus, the machinations Mercedes is being accused of do sound maybe a bit on the Machiavellian side. Still, it’s not completely beyond the realm of possibility that Mercedes does have some stake in Nico Rosberg. It’s always the ideal thing to have a brand new name to champion and well, Rosberg does happen to be German. After this, we don’t think Mercedes would ever go quite as far as to reenact the Kvyat-Verstappen saga going on at Red Bull. Hell clearly hath no fury like Lewis Hamilton fans scorned.

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