Dovizioso was headed for the podium when he found himself on the ground

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Andrea Dovizioso was headed for a potential podium finish when he, well, fell from a very high place. The Ducati rider was one of 13 who totally failed to finish at Le Mans due to a number of crashes on the course. The Italian and Marc Marquez from Repsol Honda Team fell back together on Turn 7 after they simultaneously lost the front end. Before, both these unfortunates had been in contention with Valentino Rossi for that coveted podium finish.┬áBad enough that this should happen, but it’s actually the third race in a row that Dovizioso has failed to finish and the fourth where a crash disrupted his performance.

Despite all the doom and gloom, Dovizioso is intent on focusing on the positives. He now knows that he and Marquez are well qualified for a front row finish. Good thing the potential is there, for there’s plenty of work that needs to be done yet. At 23 points, Dovizioso now sits at 11th place overall.

“It’s a real pity because we had guessed the right strategy and managed to start the race well. I was in the group following Lorenzo and trying to understand where it was possible to try and attack Rossi, but at the entry to Turn 7 the front tyre lost grip and I found myself on the ground. After analyzing the telemetry, we saw that I had a lean angle that was only two degrees higher than the previous laps, but, even without taking this into account, the tyres were working quite well this weekend. Unfortunately it is a characteristic of theirs to not give any warning when I lose grip, and I crashed.

“Today’s performance gave us some important feedback for the future, because it proved that we can be quick, but not for the entire duration of the race. Now we have to work to be more consistent, and then go on to find pure performance.”

Andrea Dovizioso

Annoying when you’re so close yet so far, but at least there’s an end in sight for Dovizioso. Now all he has to do is keep working that latent potential and he’ll be good to go for the next circuit. Might just help that it will be on home soil in Mugello, where both he and Ducati were birthed.


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