Dani Pedrosa is not happy with himself at all

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Considering he started at 11th place, 4th place should be pretty good for Dani Pedrosa. He’s also scored highest place of all the Honda drivers, so you’d think that would count for something. But the man himself is not pleased with his own performance at all. A crash during Q2 started him off on the wrong foot and unable to gain on his competitors for the first six laps. He managed to claw his way to fourth place by the 17th lap, but was unable to close the distance in time.

“I cannot feel satisfied with today’s fourth place because obviously I would prefer to be much higher up in the order and have better races. I give my all, but the conditions are not always there to do well. We are also making mistakes, and one that is hurting us the most is in qualifying, because starting far back makes things more difficult in the race. At the beginning of the race we did not have a good grip and it was hard to get enough of a feeling to go a little faster. The second half of the race went better, and there were some laps in which I even rode quicker than Rossi’s pace, but it was too late. What makes a difference is starting well, starting high up on the grid and putting in good opening laps.”

Dani Pedrosa

A history of having trouble with qualifying is certainly not the best thing in the world. But as we can see from this performance, it’s not through lack of skill but rather due to mitigating circumstances. What he needs is to gain a much better position on the grid so he can keep pace with riders ahead. However, 4th place is no paltry achievement and he’s gained 13 valuable points, an enviable feat when so many other drivers are failing to score any at all.

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