Danilo Petrucci couldn’t be more satisfied with not winning

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After we’ve heard Dani Pedrosa’s glum outlook on coming in fourth place, we’re surprised Danilo Petrucci is not more unhappy with his seventh place. However, if Pedrosa was less than thrilled with his inauspicious start, Petrucci had a whole lot more to deal with. With an injured hand and the flu, the Italian had to practically force himself through 28 excruciating laps. And miracle of miracles, he finished and fended off Eugene Laverty and Hector Barbera, who were hot at his heels.

“I’m very happy. Now I can say I feel really better. It has been a difficult period and I thank all those who helped me. I did not know if I would be able to finish the free practice and now I can enjoy this beautiful seventh place. I’m happy but I do not want to stop here. At Mugello I hope to lap a little closer to the leading group. Thanks to a little luck I managed to gain the seventh place but I can do better. Meanwhile, however, it’s now time to celebrate, especially with my team who as usual did a great job.”

Danilo Petrucci

Ending with nine points after his seventh place finish, he’s in much better stead than some. However, he’s well aware of how lucky he was, considering that others were plagued by crashes throughout the course. He’s now looking to take his good luck and happy vibes to Mugello, where he hopes to close the distance to the leaders. We wonder if he or Pedrosa will manage to undo the misfortunes of the past and come in first place.

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