Jack Miller’s bike disappears from under him

Sharon Wong
Source: Linden Adams Photography/Getty Images
Source: Linden Adams Photography/Getty Images

Jack Miller had been slowly making his way up the ranks despite an injured ankle. At Le Mans, he showed a fair amount of moxie and determination by aggressively moving from 18th place to 10th place by the 17th lap, surpassing Hector Barbera and Eugene Laverty. Unfortunately, his triumph came to a screeching halt when he hit a bump in Turn 7 during the 18th lap. Before he knew it, he was no longer sitting upon a bike.

“It was a disappointing race. We pushed hard to have a plan with a strong weekend in Le Mans and it was looking good but with 10 laps to go I came into corner 7 and now lost the front. It felt normal, like the lap before, not too fast and then I just hit the bump and the bike disappeared from under me. Everyone struggled with the front tyre today and that is what happened to us.”

Jack Miller

Quite a cruel finish for a man who’s been working hard to get to where he is. No one would scoff at the amount of work it would take for an injured man to still be in the running and he’s been working extremely hard to keep it that way. We understand his devastation at this disheartening result. But there is one thing going for him. His own bike may have done a runner, but his ankle has stayed true and remained very much intact. So he’ll be making an appearance at Mugello to right the wrongs of the past. Let’s hope his bike there isn’t a magician either.

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