Yonny Hernandez wasn’t expecting this crash because…

Sharon Wong

Yonny Hernandez was looking forward to superseding his 15th place start at the Monster Energy Grand Prix de France. He’d been moving steadily up to 12th by the 6th lap when tragedy struck and he crashed. In the aftermath, he admits to being totally flummoxed by this turn of events.

“In general it was a crash-strewn race. In my case I don’t know exactly what happened but we have looked at the telemetry and it seems I hit a bump and lost grip on the rear, which caused me to lose the front. I wasn’t expecting the crash because I wasn’t over the limit and I was just setting the same pace as in warm-up. The set-up of the bike was good and I felt comfortable. I could have finished with a good result and I was lapping twelfth when I crashed, so that is upsetting.”

Yonny Hernandez

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

We do feel his pain and bewilderment at his unwanted outcome. It was quite the missed opportunity, considering that faster racers were colliding to their doom all around him and providing him with a huge window to nab some much needed points by finishing the race. The Aspar MotoGP team is now down in 21st place, just one point clear of Jack Miller. Luckily for him, he emerged from the wreckage unscathed, so there is yet an opportunity for him to right this wrong at Mugello.

“So far this season has been tough but I am hoping to get out of this rut as soon as possible. We have been fast in testing and in practice but so far we have not been able to show it in a race. Now I am looking towards Mugello, leaving what happened here behind us and working hard with thirteen races still remaining.”

Yonny Hernandez

What can we say to this fallen but not bested warrior but Godspeed?

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