When Ryan Newman picks his child up from school, it’s like a scene from a movie

Sharon Wong

Have you ever dreamt of having the coolest dad in school? If you were, one of Ryan Newman’s daughters might have been the girl who made you glow green with envy. The Richard Childress Racing driver rolled up to her school in Statesville, N.C. in none other than a General Lee, a Dodge Charger built to resemble the starring vehicle in “The Dukes of Hazzard”.

Source: Raymond Boyd
Source: Raymond Boyd

As you’d expect of a racer, Newman is completely obsessed with cars. He still owns his very first vehicle, a 1974 TR-6 roadster. He’s also tricked out the General Lee with a Dodge powerplant under the hood to make that deep rumbling purr that announces his presence long before you can see him. When asked if it’s as fast as it is loud, Newman can only chuckle.

“Faster than it should be. It goes better than it stops.”

Ryan Newman

The car is currently drawing far more attention from passersby than its celebrity driver. According to Newman, two people stopped him at the gas station to take pictures with his car, neither of them having any idea who he was.

“Nope, it was crazy. …Which is fine with me. I don’t need them to know.”

Ryan Newman

Should he ever find himself mobbed with unwanted attention, the General Lee is probably the only mode of distraction he’ll need. It’ll also make for a clean getaway with lots of pizzazz. Yowza.

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