Danica Patrick’s car practically explodes on the racetrack

Sharon Wong

Danica Patrick was barely on the track for six minutes when her No 10 Stewart-Haas Racing Chevrolet went up in flames on Turn 4. Both teammate Tony Stewart and Jamie MacMurray were right behind her, crashing disastrously into the wall as hers kept burning on. Stewart only had two words for her.

“That hurt.”

Tony Stewart

While all three drivers emerged more or less intact, McMurray was the one who left the infield care center clutching his elbow in obvious pain. Patrick is not feeling especially great herself, though she is otherwise uninjured.

“I got back to the throttle and it was like a muffled — really muffled like I blew an engine. And then it just got sideways and hit the wall. As you can see, there’s lots of flames too. Obviously, some kind of oil or something like that in there created that.

“I feel really bad because Jamie’s elbow hurt pretty bad and I don’t know if Tony’s feeling perfect. Definitely unfortunate, not something we commonly see.”

Danica Patrick

It seems like leakage and a broken gear were the culprits for this very dramatic mishap.

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