Max Verstappen’s Spanish GP win impresses MotoGP’s very own Ayrton Senna

Sharon Wong

Max Verstappen’s groundbreaking Spanish GP wins more than just Helmut Marko’s approval.

With the likes of Lewis Hamilton expressing his doubts about Max Verstappen’s hasty appointment to Red Bull, the 18-year old Dutchman had a good deal on his shoulders to live up to. But after becoming the F1’s youngest winner at the Spanish Grand Prix and beating Sebastian Vettel’s former record by almost three years, he shrugged off all residual doubts about his ability to withstand Formula 1’s pressure cooker atmosphere. Even Valentino Rossi has sent in his salutations.

Rossi himself is no slouch on the circuit. Like Verstappen, he too has been likened to Ayrton Senna after 7 MotoGP championships and 112 wins in his motorbike career. It looks like he possesses no qualms about sharing that distinction with Verstappen after his stellar performance.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

Now, Verstappen just four years to beat the Doctor’s attainment of his first title at the age of 22. We wonder if he’ll get to show up even his very own Doubting Thomas, Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton was the youngest ever driver to lead a championship at 22 years old. And given the potential Verstappen has shown at this juncture, he may not even need the four years he has left to break this record. Could Ayrton Senna be coming back to life in Red Bull’s new prodigy, as Helmut Marko himself has proclaimed? Only time will tell.

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