Daniel Ricciardo gives Red Bull’s new secret weapon the thumbs up

Sharon Wong

Red Bull’s new Renault engine was supposed to be their new key to victory against Mercedes. Daniel Ricciardo says that it’s as deadly as hoped.

Daniel Ricciardo has already tried out the brand new Renault engine upgrade Red Bull scheduled for the Canadian Grand Prix. Currently, Red Bull drivers use Tag Heuer branded Renault engines, but this upgrade is said to be able to significantly improve performance for them. While it’s not quite on the level of those killer Mercedes engines, Ricciardo is confident that these babies will allow Red Bull to give them a close ride for their money.

“The progress is definitely there. Now to make that next step will be… that is the last little step I think we are after to try to really get on Mercedes, but I think we are getting closer, and that is obviously exciting.

“Monaco will be our best chance yet. Obviously we had a good chance on the weekend, but for pure speed Monaco should be interesting.

“Yes, so far I think we are pretty happy about how all this is looking, so yes we will see what they find tonight, but I think generally I was pretty happy with today and it was all pretty reliable and everything ran as smooth as it could.”

Daniel Ricciardo

We’re looking forward to testing the veracity of his claims ourselves on the Monaco circuit. While it’s not a power sensitive circuit like the one in Canada, Ricciardo is still keen to have it on the back of his car during the race. Provided neither Nico Rosberg nor Lewis Hamilton crashes again, we have quite the exhilarating confrontation to look forward to.

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