Sebastian Vettel pooh-poohs Red Bull threat at Monaco

Sharon Wong

The Spanish Grand Prix clearly belonged to Red Bull and Max Verstappen, but Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel refuses to be intimidated by them.

Source: @sebvettelnews/Twitter
Source: @sebvettelnews/Twitter

Ferrari didn’t have the best of times at Barcelona. On Saturday, Kimi Raikkonen and Vettel fell behind to fifth and sixth places behind Red Bull and Mercedes cars, both more than a full second off the ideal pace. The Hamilton-Rosberg crash allowed them to squeeze through, but they ultimately ended up losing their advantage on a track where overtaking is well-nigh impossible. Vettel himself finished third behind Raikkonen and Verstappen. But he remains undaunted about the next confrontation in Monaco.

“If we get Saturday right, they [Red Bull] should not be too much of a problem. They have kept improving, so did we. Saturday didn’t go the way we hoped.

“If we qualified, it would have been a different race, but would have, could have, should have.

“We were as competitive as expected here apart from Sunday. Sunday, we were in [the] ballpark, we just struggled to get past and once we got past, which was not too many times in the race, we showed we were quicker.”

Sebastian Vettel

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If Red Bull’s polishing that pimp hand with a new upgrade from Renault, Vettel has claimed that Ferrari “tried some stuff” in Barcelona on Tuesday morning to tackle its qualifying issues. Hopefully, that and the team’s strength on the Monaco track should be just the antidote to their woes.

“It should be a strong track for us; we were very competitive last year.

“We have improved the car in the areas we need for Monaco. It’s better in terms of ride, kerbing, in general, so it should help for Monaco.

“The favorites have to remain Mercedes. If there is a chance to win, we will try.”

Sebastian Vettel

Could these mysterious adjustments be an engine that actually does rival Mercedes’ class-leading one? We await the results with bated breath.

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