The Mercedes crash resulted in how much damage???

Sharon Wong

Quite aside from wrecking relationships, the collision between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg has resulted in some serious carnage, with a bodycount of 1,000 parts.

Source: Ivan Garcia/Shutterstock
Source: Ivan Garcia/Shutterstock

In the tense exchanges that ensued between Hamilton, Rosberg and Mercedes post-collision, everyone was focused on how the team and its star players would move forward, but literally no one thought of what remained of the cars. Well, in case you were suddenly interested, to say they’re not doing well would be an understatement. A whopping 1,000 parts have to be checked and replaced ahead of Monaco to avoid this regrettable moment in Mercedes’ history repeating itself.

“We could see from the impact that there was a lot of damage and that it would come back to us. When the cars come back into the garage at the circuit a lot of analysis was going on, a lot of phone calls and photographs come back to us, and what we got from the circuit was a quarantine list [of damaged parts] because our first priority is to make sure the car is going to be safe.

“This quarantine list lists all the parts that, if you like, are suspect. On this list this time there were over 1,000-1,200 parts that came back to us, either damaged, quarantined or needing some sort of work.”

Rob Thomas, Mercedes chief operating officer

We’re surprised they’re even bothering to salvage the vehicles after that colossal amount of damage. We can’t even fathom a car getting up and going after taking severe blows in one thousand places, let alone the cost it would take to rehabilitate them from this disaster. It just goes to show that explosive crashes are corrosive in more ways than one for the Mercedes team. Not only will the Rosberg-Hamilton rivalry become ever more toxic and treacherous to navigate for everyone involved, they also clearly have hell to pay when it comes to undoing the physical repercussions of the encounter.

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