Car Dropped By Crane Nearly Maims Crew At Monaco Historic GP

Someone’s bound to be in a little hot water after this HUGE f**k up at the Monaco Historic Grand Prix.

Whoever was manning the extraction crane DROPPED a CAR onto the TRACK.

You can see the guy in the pit crew walk over with his hands on his head in disbelief like “Did that REALLY just happen?!”

Check out the full video below (action starts at 33 second mark):

The scary thing is that things could have been much, much worse.

What if the car was dropped at another time during the race?

Formula 1 fan “Quickbeamed” articulated the hypotheticals

Think about the worst case situation if that car dropped at another time on the track…or onto the marshals… There needs to be an inquiry into this because that should never happen.

Quickbeamed, Formula 1 fan

For those of you wondering what the Monaco Historic GP is, it’s an opportunity for rich racing fans to play with their expensive toys.

From their website:

A real sprint race, contested on the legendary circuit of Monaco, The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique is designed for worldwide collectors, nostalgic enthusiasts, drivers, spectators and ardent supporters of former days’ mechanics, who definitely won’t miss this world event.

Sounds like a party.

I think the crane operator started drinking a little too early, though.

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