Nico Rosberg has just one more thing to say about Mercedes crash

Sharon Wong

Nico Rosberg has spoken out once more about the Mercedes crash and well, he’s over it. By the time he’s done with Monaco, all that mess with Lewis Hamilton should long be in the dust.

Source: MrSegui/Shutterstock
Source: MrSegui/Shutterstock

Rosberg was obviously quite devastated when Hamilton destroyed their chances at making a good showing in Barcelona. He’d initially expressed that he was unsure about Mercedes’ choice not to hold any clear-the-air talks between the two and admitted he would have to mull over this anticlimactic outcome. He’s emerged now from his period of reflection to announce that he’s willing to let bygones be bygones to give a good go of things at the Monaco Grand Prix.

“I was gutted after what happened in Spain – for myself, but mostly for the team. We’re in this together and I know how hard everybody works to make these amazing cars, so for us to leave them both in the gravel is the worst possible scenario. But we’ve talked it through and now it’s time to leave it in the past.”

Nico Rosberg

Luckily for him, Monaco just happens to be one of his favourite tracks and is also his home base. That element of familiarity is bound to have his confidence surging in leaps and bounds. He’s definitely beating his chest and ready to bring out the battering rams.


“It’s one of my home races next in Monaco – the ultimate driver’s track. It’s where I grew up and where I still live today, so that always makes it a special weekend. I have memories from every corner going right back to my school days and I always have great support there from my family, friends and the fans, which gives you that extra boost during the weekend.

“It’s been amazing to win there for the past three years – but I know it will be tough to repeat that with Lewis, the Ferraris and the Red Bulls all so strong now. I’m feeling confident, so bring on the battle!”

Nico Rosberg

There could be no better attitude to shield him from the travails of the racetrack. After all, we’re sure Lewis Hamilton too is hungry to right the wrongs of the past and make gold here. Then of course, there’s Verstappen to contend with and as we’ve all discovered, he’s no small threat. Here’s to hoping that his being on familiar ground will truly give him the edge he’ll sorely need over the competition.

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