Lewis Hamilton says his piece about Spanish GP nightmare now

Sharon Wong

Now that Nico Rosberg has spoken out about leaving the Mercedes collision behind him, it’s now Lewis Hamilton’s turn to weigh in. Let’s just say that as always, both men have their eyes on exactly the same prize.

Source: Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

Just like both Rosberg and Toto Wolff, Hamilton would dearly love to leave the crash well in the past. He’s intent on saving his strength for another battle, namely, the battle to the finish line at Monaco. He may not have the kind of familial connections Rosberg has to the locale, but there is one thing he has that may give him his own kind of edge. He’s currently in the midst of his longest winless streak since mid-2013 and he’s practically starving for victory.

Source: Kiko Jimenez/Shutterstock
Source: Kiko Jimenez/Shutterstock

“Barcelona was the worst feeling but, like I always say, the true test is how you get back up when you’ve been knocked down. It was a tough moment for all of us after the race but it’s now chapter closed and looking ahead to Monaco.

“I’ve not had the best run of results in Monaco in recent years – but last year showed that I have the pace to do the job. It’s always a different weekend to the rest, with the extra day, the boats in the harbour and sleeping at home, that makes it fun because the whole rhythm is something else to the rest of the season. I’m approaching this weekend with one result in mind.”

Lewis Hamilton

If he hasn’t had a victory since mid-2013, he hasn’t had a win in Monaco for even longer. In fact, his only victory in the principality was in 2008, while he was on his way to his maiden F1 title with McLaren. So as you can imagine, he’s pretty anxious to erase Barcelona from our collective minds with some sweet comebacks. Plus, we can totally see how it would be hard for him to abide Rosberg’s 43-point lead over him. When a driver of Hamilton’s calibre is hungry, you’d best be watching your back.

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