Nico Rosberg doesn’t plan on working any miracles in Monaco

Sharon Wong

While Nico Rosberg did say he wanted to put the Mercedes crash behind him at Monaco, he isn’t planning on being the next Ayrton Senna.

Source: MrSegui/Shutterstock
Source: MrSegui/Shutterstock

While Lewis Hamilton is ravenous for a score-changing victory, Rosberg doesn’t plan on shattering the earth at Monaco. Seems a little strange to us, especially considering how close he actually is to making history. Senna made a quartet of back-to-back wins as part of a five race streak between 1989-93 and Rosberg could just draw even with him if he wins round five of the 2016 F1 World Championship this weekend. But he hardly thinks of a win in Monaco in those terms. To him, it’s more or less another day at the office.


“I’m aware of the statistics, of course, but it’s not something I’m concentrating on – or even thinking about – because, as I’ve said, even in the last couple of races, what I want to do this weekend is win this race, just because I love Monaco and I love winning here. That’s it, that’s all I’m thinking about.”

Nico Rosberg

We’re not sure if he’s for real, but we could take his word for it. Maybe. He’s confessed to feeling ultra-relaxed at Monaco because that’s where he grew up and where he still lives to this day. You always let yourself go a little when you’re on home turf and career goals can seem a little farther away than they usually are. Perhaps his attitude would have been completely different if this history-making race was anywhere else.

Source: Kiko Jimenez/Shutterstock
Source: Kiko Jimenez/Shutterstock

But it still doesn’t change the fact that a win here would have momentous significance, for Rosberg and the rest of the Formula 1 realm. We’re always talking about modern day legends and we could be staring one right in the face as we gear up for Monaco. It then becomes ever more crucial for Lewis Hamilton to snag the victory. Having been touted as a racer of Senna’s stature himself, Hamilton will have to work hard to keep his spotlight from being turned on his biggest rival.


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