Sebastian Vettel claims Red Bull is still small fry to him

Sharon Wong

Red Bull’s been threatening an attack with their new Renault engine, but Sebastian Vettel’s not at all scared. His sights are still firmly set on Mercedes. 

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Source: Shutterstock

Red Bull’s new Renault engine is supposed to allow them to catch up with Mercedes, the undisputed leaders of the pack. Their focus has been so trained on beating the big shots that they’ve barely made a mention of Ferrari. Now, Ferrari’s star driver Vettel has come out and said that his team has been ignoring them right back. And this is all despite the fact that Red Bull ended up qualifying much stronger than they did at the Circuit de Catalunya. But one bad result is not going to shake them up too badly.

“I think our aim is still looking forward… in that regard our aim is Mercedes. In Barcelona we had a bad Saturday which explained the race on Sunday. In terms of raw speed we should have been ahead but we weren’t. On the day I said well done to them and well done in particular to Max [Verstappen], but we move on.

“I think we have a strong package, we do have new bits here and there so obviously we want to make progress and make sure we close the gap to Mercedes rather than focus on what is going on behind.”

Sebastian Vettel

What is going on behind? Ouch. We wonder if his dismissiveness could be masking something defensive in him. After all, two of Red Bull’s best young drivers have gotten the better of him before. He’s been outperformed by Daniel Ricciardo not too long ago in 2014 and we don’t need to remind you who the clear winner at the Spanish GP was. We can understand if he’s feeling slightly cornered and maybe he needs to talk himself up to allay his frazzled nerves. We certainly think this is more possible than seriously discounting them after their spectacular display in Spain.

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