Jules Bianchi’s family finally seeks compensation for his tragic death

Sharon Wong

The late Jules Bianchi’s family is pursuing legal action against the FIA, Marussia and FOM after his untimely passing at the 2014 Grand Prix.

Source: David Acosta Allely/Shutterstock
Source: David Acosta Allely/Shutterstock

No amount of money will ever be adequate recompense for the loss of a loved one. But it would be a grave injustice to his memory if the ones responsible were not taken to account and that is exactly what the Bianchi family intends to do with the F1 governing body, FIA, Marussia and FOM. They’re taking the entire lot of organisations to court to account for the horrific collision that took Bianchi’s life. They feel Jules’ death was entirely avoidable.

“We seek justice for Jules and want to establish the truth about the decisions that led to our son’s crash. As a family, we have so many unanswered questions and feel that Jules’ accident and death could have been avoided if a series of mistakes had not been made.”

Philippe Bianchi, his father

Bianchi sustained serious injuries in a head-on collision with a recovery vehicle at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix and succumbed to them in July 2015 after a nine-month coma. He is the first driver since Ayrton Senna to die from injuries sustained during an F1 race accident, one of the few distinctions you wouldn’t want to share with the great Brazilian.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons

May seem like simple circumstance at its most unfortunate to the casual observer, but the contention the Bianchis have with the authorities that were was that they should not have gone ahead with the race due to poor weather conditions. It had been a grim, rainy day at Suzuka then and the slippery road caused Bianchi to slide off his Marussia and crash into a mobile crane.

We don’t think there’s much to say except that it’s a huge tragedy all around and that we hope the Bianchis will once more be able to find some measure of peace in the steps they are taking.

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